Dave Daversa


I am a postdoctoral researcher in Andy Fenton’s group studying the community context of disease transmission.  Broadly, I am interested in how individual behaviours and other traits affect trophic interactions, in particular those between parasites and hosts.  I have studied this topic extensively with communities of amphibians that are threatened by a pathogen known as the amphibian chytrid fungus.  My previous research examined how seasonal and daily movements of adult amphibians influence chytrid dynamics. I have also carried out work on the reciprocal effects of chytrid on the movements and habitat use of its adult hosts. My postdoctoral research at Liverpool also focuses on this system.  Alongside Andy Fenton and colleagues from both the UK and Spain, I am using predictive disease models to identify the amphibian species that are responsible for maintaining and circulating chytrid in multi-host communities.