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Currently a PhD student at the University of Liverpool and the Institute of Zoology, ZSL, my research focuses on primates and their parasites. Using a seasonal, arid environment as a model system, I am exploring disease and ecological relationships. To examine the determinants of individual parasite burdens. I will measure the baboons’ behaviour and health; changes in the persistence of parasites within the environment; and changes in the populations of intermediate hosts.  This work will be carried out at the Tsaobis Baboon Project.  Ultimately, it is hoped that this research will help us to better predict changes in wildlife disease and the emergence of zoonotics in human populations as a result of global climate change.

I also have a more general interest in microbial ecology, having worked with the School of Geography at the University of Leeds.  This research used testate amoeba environmental indicators of current and historic peatlands.

I’m one of five Scientists in the November 2013 Ecology Zone of ‘I’m a scientist, get me out of here’, a tutor for The Brilliant Club, and a team member of Project Patient Zero.


Swindles GT, Reczuga M, Lamentowicz M, Raby CL, Turner TE, Charman DJ, Gallego-Sala A, Valderrama E, Williams C, Draper F, Coronado ENH, Roucoux KH, Baker T, Mullan DJ. (2014) Ecology of Testate Amoebae in an Amazonian Peatland and Development of a Transfer Function for Palaeohydrological Reconstruction. Microbial Ecology