Chris Corbin

PhD Student

Supervisor: Greg Hurst, Andy Fenton


Contact Information


Twitter: @hydei_and_i



I’m a PhD student, supervised by Greg Hurst and Andy Fenton. My project is on the evolutionary ecology of the symbiosis between a fruit fly, Drosophila hydei, and the bacterium Spiroplasma. In this system, Spiroplasma protects D. hydei from the parasitoid wasp Leptopilina heterotoma. I am interested in how symbiont-mediated protection may be limited ecologically, and how it may interact with protection encoded by the fly’s own genome.

My previous work includes a period as a technician at Cambridge, working on Drosophila – sigma virus interactions. I also carried out two projects on Heliconius butterflies; one on spermatophore degradation at Cambridge, the other on male pheromones at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

I am a mentor for The Girls’ Network, a tutor for the Scholars Programme, and a science festival volunteer with ScienceGrrl.


WALTERS, J. R., STAFFORD, C., HARDCASTLE, T. J. and JIGGINS, C. D. (2012), Evaluating female remating rates in light of spermatophore degradation in Heliconius butterflies: pupal-mating monandry versus adult-mating polyandry. Ecological Entomology, 37: 257–268.