Amanda Minter

Amanda MinterPhD supervisor(s): Mike Begon, Peter Diggle

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Twitter: @amanda_minter




I am PhD student supervised by Mike Begon and Peter Diggle. My PhD project builds on studies of leptospirosis amongst slum residents in the city of Salvador, Brazil and is part of a collaborative partnership involving the University of Liverpool, Yale University and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

We wish to understand the infection dynamics in the natural reservoir of Leptospirosis, the Norway rat, in particular in tropical slums, where conditions are overcrowded and where humans live in close proximity to animal and environmental reservoirs of infection. The ultimate aim is to be able to predict patterns of human infection by identifying and quantifying the ecological factors driving leptospire dynamics in its reservoir host in tropical slums.

Amanda has started a post-doc at the University of Warwick modelling within herd dynamics of FMD.