Steve Paterson

Steve Patterson

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Tel: 0151 795 4521

Research Interests

My main research interests are the causes and consequences of genetic variation in host and parasite populations. Topics include the genetic basis of resistance to pathogens, the evolution of pathogen genomes and the emergence of drug resistance in parasite populations. I am a director of the Centre for Genomic Research and most of the work in my lab uses genomic and bioinformatic methods including genome assembly, resequencing, epigenetics and gene expression.

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Selected Publications

Turner AK, Begon M, Jackson JA and Paterson S (2012) Evidence for selection at cytokine loci in a natural population of field voles (Microtus agrestis). Molecular Ecology vol 21 issue 7 pp 1632-1646

Turner AK, Begon M, Jackson JA, Bradley JE and Paterson S (2011) Genetic diversity in cytokines associated with immune variation and resistance to multiple pathogens in a natural rodent population. PLoS Genetics vol 7 pp e1002343
Mowat, E., Paterson, S., Fothergill, J.L., Wright, E.A., Ledson, M.J., Walshaw, M.J., Brockhurst, M.A. and Winstanley, C. (2011) High phenotypic diversity and dynamic turnover in chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections of cystic fibrosis patients. . American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine vol 183  pp 1674-1679
Paterson S, Vogwill T, Buckling A, Benmayor R, Spiers AJ, Thomson NR, Quail M, Smith F, Walker D, Libberton B, Fenton A, Hall N and Brockhurst MA (2010) Antagonistic coevolution accelerates molecular evolution. Nature vol 464  pp 275-278