Mike Begon


Contact Information

Email: Mbegon@liverpool.ac.uk

Tel: 0151 795 4525

Research Interests

Working on the ecology and evolution of infection in wild rodent populations, including wild rodent reservoirs of zoonotic infections such as plague and leptospirosis.

Research Group

Amanda Minter

Beth Levick

Gabriel Pedra

Selected Publications

Davis, S., Abbasi, B., Shah, S., Telfer, S. & Begon, M. (2014) Spatial analyses of wildlife contact networks. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 12: 20141004. 

Reijniers, J., Begon, M., Ageyev, V. & Leirs, H. (2014) Plague epizootic cycles in Central Asia. Biology Letters 10: 20140302.

Jackson J.A., Hall A.J., Friberg, I.M., Ralli, C., Lowe, A., Zawadzka, M., Turner, A.K., Stewart, A., Birtles, R.J., Paterson, S., Bradley, J.E. & Begon, M. (2014) An immunological marker of tolerance to infection in wild rodents. PLoS Biology 12: e1001901.

Chantrey, J., Dale, T.D., Read, J.M., White, S., Whitfield, F., Jones, D., McInnes, C.J. & Begon, M. (2014) European red squirrel population dynamics driven by squirrelpox at a grey squirrel invasion interface. Ecology and Evolution 4: 3788-3799.

Reijniers, J., Davis, S., Begon, M., Heesterbeek, J.A.P., Ageyev, V.S. & Leirs, H. (2012) A curve of thresholds governs plague epizootics in Central Asia. Ecology Letters 15: 554-560.

Turner, A.K., Begon, M., Jackson, J.A., Bradley, J.E. & Paterson, S. (2011). Genetic diversity in cytokines associated with immune variation and resistance to multiple pathogens in a natural rodent population. PLoS Genetics 7 e1002343: 1-11.

Telfer, S., Lambin, X., Birtles, R., Beldomenico. P., Burthe, S., Paterson, S. & Begon, M. (2010). Species interactions in a parasite community drive infection risk in a wildlife population. Science 330: 243-246.