Greg Hurst

Greg HurstChair of Zoology


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Tel: 0151 795 4520


Research Interests

I am interested in the impact of symbionts (be they parasites or beneficial partners) on the evolutionary ecology of animals. My main area of work can be summed up in the question ‘What would be different if we took away symbionts from animals’ – my working hypothesis is most things. Past work has shown how mating system biology is driven by symbionts. Current projects focus on interactions of symbionts with natural enemies, the impact of symbionts on the evolution of host sex determining systems, the evolution of symbionts in novel host species, and more practically, effects of symbionts on bee health and midge vector competence.

Research Group

Helen Davison

Jordan Jones

Jack Pilgrim

Jo Griffin

Georgia Drew

Chris Corbin


A full list of journal publications can be found on my Researcher ID profile.